A few pictures to let you discover our Château Roslane, Morocco's first viticultural "château" situated in the AOC of Les Coteaux de l'Atlas associating history, modernity, tradition, and sophistication.

The Château ROSLANE comprises among other things, a 70 000 hectoliter cellar of which 11000 are air conditioned, stainless steel tanks, three sorting conveyor tables for unloading grapes, a coaxial heat exchanger for coloring the entire harvest, pneumatic presses, underground ageing cellars featured with constant temperature and humidity control with a capacity of 3000 oak barrels and 3 millions laid bottles.
The Château Roslane is also 700 hectares of vineyards, gardens, "riads", fountains, Moroccan reception rooms...

The wine cellar for treatment purposes offers a capacity of 20 000 hl in epoxy-coated vats featured with nitrogen injection, three earth filters, as well as an installation for tartaric wine stabilization. An oenologist cellar master supervises all these procedures.

Furthermore, before and after bottling, the wines are monitored and analyzed at various stages by our laboratory equipped with a state-of-the-art equipement : sequential analyzer, infrared analyzer (Foss). All analysis are recorded on a software program (Logivin) specially develloped by our company, which, besides enabling multi criterion analysis management, also ensures stock management, sensorial testing, and product quality. A microbiological unit provides all microbiological analysis.

Les celliers de Meknès have at their disposal two bottling sites for a total capacity of 20 000 bottles an hour. Our wines are packaged according to the Danish standard HACCP DS 3027, with moderlines integrating Sartorius filtration plates, laminar flow, sterile filtration off filler air, sterile filtered water rinse, nitrogen injection, laser marking of bottles and cartons to guarantee total traceability.

A compressed air station as well as a steam heating unit provide flawless sanitation and hygiene. They are monitored by a software program controlling all hygiene procedures.

The packaging area is air-conditioned and provides storage under optimal conditions prior to delivery to our marketing subsidiaries or to our clients abroad. Production and packaging management are carried out by a CAPM application (computer-assisted Production Management)